Month: November 2016



You need to buy this

Last week I had horrible manky feet. My heels were like big thick masses of horrible hard skin that I would often find myself trying to rip off, then, OUCHHHH as I ripped too much and drew blood then couldn’t walk properly for a few days. I hated them, they were beyond ugly. Β Then Mr Mouse brought me some samples of this. It promised to make a difference in 3 days. Yeh right, whatever!

But I gave it a go. I slapped it on each night for 3 nights and put the socks on as recommended everywhere.

I shit thee not, my heels are soft, healthy and beyond smooth. This stuff is a little miracle. I won’t subject you to pics of my feet 😱 but believe me this stuff works.

If it is good enough for Joan Collins…

About twenty years ago I was a stay at home mum with two toddlers who ran me wild. I was worn out and my skin took a hammering. Cleansing was a bar of soap and a flannel and moisturiser was a bit of Vaseline. I was also suffering from a mighty dose of eczema. Everything the doctor gave me turned me into a greasy mess and stunk of medicine. It was not my best look.

One morning, enjoying some peace, I watched This Morning. It was the days of Richard and July and their guest of the day was Joan Collins. I think she was late 60s and she looked stunning. Judy asked her what her secret was……. Nivea.

Next shopping trip I bought the biggest tub and my skin, although aged has never been the mess it was back then. I remember a few years later having a consultation at Clinique. The assistant remarked what good skin I had and what my regime was, as she tried to sell me £££££s of product. She nearly fell over when I answered ‘ Nivea’.

So ladies stop dreaming about one day owning a pot of Creme de la Β Mere and buy a pot of 99p Nivea, it’s not always Β great for the day as your make up can slide off but on these dry dry dry days slap it on. It is also a fantastic night cream.




No 7 Luxe in a Box Glamourous Nudes

I like anything and everything that has glitter on it, so whilst at Euston picking up my Β£3 meal deal for a train journey home I got seduced by this.Β  I could have kept it as a Christmas present but as my middle girl only wears any NAKED pallet and my eldest is a goddess of the earth and likes all natural products, the only option was to keep it for me!

Oh, I should have learned my lesson by now.Β  The minute I get giddy about a beauty product I am usually disappointed and that’s what happened with this.Β  As sets go this wasn’t the cheapest, I think it was Β£20 but if you get this on the 3 for 2 then no worries.Β  For me, before YouTube, I considered No 7 to be a high-product, really!Β  Posh make up counters were for posh ladies buying posh face creams and were not for me, so if I was treating myself it would be No 7.Β  As products go they are OK so I thought that I would like this little pretty glittery set.

But the new YouTube trained critical me was looking for something other than if it was pretty, oh yes,Β  now I come armed and dangerous with a plethora of new words: Pigmentation! Blendability! Fallout! Swatches!

Here are the swatches………….


To test out the eye pallet I used the below products:


(I mix the 2 foundations as the Revlon is too light and the Benefit is too dark)

Eyeshadow pallet: There was virtually no pigment and I had to build it up quite a lot; the problem with this was that due to the fallout it just turned into a big grey mess.

Blush: Well I nearly had to scrape it out with a trowel to get any kind of colour but once on it did blend quite nicely.Β  The brush is small but not too dense and it is nice and soft.

Gloss: I love the colour Β but the gloss is too clammy and sticky.

All in all it was not good and I am mad at myself because if I had not been impatient I could have spent Β£20 at Benefit.Β  #donotimpulsebuy.Β  Score: 3/10 and that’s just because I like the box

I also used the below for my brows (Make up Revolution Focus and Fix) and Garnier Micellar water to clean it all off.Β  I also included a half done face pic but I wasnt brave enough to post it without a lovely filter πŸ™‚

L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask

You can probably tell that this is a ‘hobby blog’ but just so it is clear; these are products i own and have bought or have been given as gifts.Β  No one is sponsoring me (damn haha)

I have to tell you about this mask. I have the most sensitive skin EVER and can’t use most things without lots of pain and soreness.Β  My eldest daughter gave me this for my birthday and i instantly thoughtΒ  ‘Who can i re-gift this too?’ Looking at it I thought there was no way it was going near my face.Β  Anyways I got sick and my skin was dry and sore and flaky so I thought I would give it a try.Β  I have used it for 2 weeks, every other night.Β  It is AMAZING.Β  It doesnt hurt or sting, its easy to clean off and not too gritty.

One morning a couple of days ago, I woke up , cleaned my teeth and prepared myself for the horror of the first look in the mirror…..instead of the usual ARGHHHH it was WOW.Β  For the frst time in about 25 years my skin looked OK, not maginficent, but not dull or grey or sore.Β  It looked fresh, clean and bright.Β  10/10

Is it the concealer? Part 2

So this week I thought that I would try out EstΓ©e Lauder’s Doublewear.Β  I used all the same products as the last test except for the foundation.Β  I also had to whack on some of my face as I had to go out in public.Β  The most shocking thing I have discovered doing just the two tests, is that, my lines are the least noticeable when I don’t put anything on them. This is a quandary; do I go out in public bare-faced with better wrinkles but scare all the kids, or put on some slap and live with the wrinkles?Β  I will go with the slap.

So here are the results from the Doublewear test; I do apologise for the lighting but I am a real person, with aΒ  real job, 3 kids and an Iphone only.


Well it worked better than the Rimmel, but still not the magic miracle I had hoped for.Β  What I did notice was that it didn’t cake in the wrinkles but my under eye startedΒ  to feel very dry after a few hours.Β  It stayed put as you would expect from Doublewear and i wasn’t wholly disappointed.Β  I would say 7/10.


And now with some lovely filtering…….


Mouse x