I have been doing my make-up wrong for 35 years!

When I received my first ever real make up I was so happy.Β  I slapped it on and it’s probably been the same ever since.Β  I have maybe upgraded from Superdrug to Estee Lauder now and again (gift voucher or freebie) but, at the grand old age of 45, I have come to realise that I look a blinking sight.Β  Here are things that I had no clue about until about 4 weeks ago when i discovered YouTube beauty channels:

  1. Contour is a thing you do on your face to make it thinner
  2. there are eyeshadow called ‘transition colours’
  3. you put concealer on AFTER your foundation
  4. Soap and water is not the way to wash your face

Who knew?

Well obviously not me or my mother.Β  She gave me a tub of Nivea and a Rimmel double eyeshadow (no transition) and all her cast offs and that was my lesson in all things beauty.

I feel bloody cheated! All those years obsessed about my big nose and double chins and I could have whipped a bit of dark powder out and looked like a Kardashian.Β  It’s not bloody Fair!

So I am making up for it now.Β  My Xmas list is complete and will break the Mr Mouse’s bank card but if I do not get an Urban Decay Potion Primer (that better get rid of the crinkles like they rave about over on the Youtube) and a Benefit Dew the Hoola (at least) there will be no turkey in this house come 25th December.

Come and join me on the journey; can these channels really make a 45 year old wrinkly mess look good?? Lets hope.

Mouse x


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