Green Concealer

I am prone to very red skin and unless I am wearing DoubleWear foundation the blushing blighter comes through, whoooo hooooo look at us big red bits!Β  Green Concealer is not a new thing.Β  I remember being about 20 and having a Rimmel one that looked like a lipstick.Β  After application I looked like Kermit.Β  I didn’t know you were supposed to blend make-up, noone ever mentioned that back in the 80s! So i have shyed away from anything green and thought it was all a load of old hokum and whizzy bang nonsense.

With my new expert knowledge ( thanks Youtube) I now know that it is a real thing.Β  That works. Or so they would have us believe.Β  I only have one green concealer and as its the wrong side of Christmas and I have a 23 year old who wants the real Naked pallets and not the dupes (bitch) I am potless, so this will be the only trial until after Christmas.

Max Factor Colour Corrector

As I am testing my eye wrinkles I am not putting my face on today, so ill just use this on my chin:


I used the Real Techniques Blender and the Rimmel lasting Foundation.Β  It worked! Well who woulda thunk??!!


(p.s thats a scar on my bottom lip and not fillers.Β  If you want free big lips get your mate push you over and split your lip when you are 8)


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