Is it the concealer?

After watching all the tutorials on how to apply concealer correctly to stop creasing I thought I had this in the bag.Β  What a naΓ―ve fool I am.Β  I did everything I was told to do and yet still creasing!

So, I am determined to figure out where it is going wrong:

  • Is it the concealer?
  • Is it my skin?
  • Is it the foundation?
  • The moisturiser?
  • Am I just rubbish at applying?


I am a bit of a nerd so I am going to test everything and try and find the elusive result.

I am going to start with foundations asΒ  I have quite a few.Β  They are all drugstore except for a Mac and an Estee Lauder Double Wear.Β  I will use the same products, except the foundation, for all the tests.Β  I will do only my eye and not put anything else on.Β  I will then check it throughout the day.Β  As mentioned I am 45 and not stunning so if you have a delicate stomach don’t look at the pictures.

Rimmel 25hr Lasting Finish Foundation (200 Soft Beige)

My bare eye.Β  You will see I have any wrinkles under my eye and on the lid.Β  I also have a big yellow lump in my crease, which the doctor thought was cholesterol until my test came back OK.Β  I don’t know what it is but hate it but I have found ways to hide it which I will show on a later blog.



Horrible, isn’t it? But its real and what I must work with.Β Β  These are the products I will use for each test.Β Β  Now listen I know you are thinking β€œNivea? Really?” Yes, Nivea! I have rubbish skin and Nivea works best for me


My eye through the day…………. Now I am 45 not 90, and I am sure you will agree this is not a good look.


Well that didnt work did it? I could grow spuds in those trenches.Β  It really does make me look REALLY old.Β  I am wounded.

But wait! Aren’t Filters magical? Not a crease or a wrinkle in sight. #smokeandmirrors



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