So this week I thought that I would try out Estée Lauder’s Doublewear.  I used all the same products as the last test except for the foundation.  I also had to whack on some of my face as I had to go out in public.  The most shocking thing I have discovered doing just the two tests, is that, my lines are the least noticeable when I don’t put anything on them. This is a quandary; do I go out in public bare-faced with better wrinkles but scare all the kids, or put on some slap and live with the wrinkles?  I will go with the slap.

So here are the results from the Doublewear test; I do apologise for the lighting but I am a real person, with a  real job, 3 kids and an Iphone only.


Well it worked better than the Rimmel, but still not the magic miracle I had hoped for.  What I did notice was that it didn’t cake in the wrinkles but my under eye started  to feel very dry after a few hours.  It stayed put as you would expect from Doublewear and i wasn’t wholly disappointed.  I would say 7/10.


And now with some lovely filtering…….


Mouse x