If it is good enough for Joan Collins…

About twenty years ago I was a stay at home mum with two toddlers who ran me wild. I was worn out and my skin took a hammering. Cleansing was a bar of soap and a flannel and moisturiser was a bit of Vaseline. I was also suffering from a mighty dose of eczema. Everything the doctor gave me turned me into a greasy mess and stunk of medicine. It was not my best look.

One morning, enjoying some peace, I watched This Morning. It was the days of Richard and July and their guest of the day was Joan Collins. I think she was late 60s and she looked stunning. Judy asked her what her secret was……. Nivea.

Next shopping trip I bought the biggest tub and my skin, although aged has never been the mess it was back then. I remember a few years later having a consultation at Clinique. The assistant remarked what good skin I had and what my regime was, as she tried to sell me £££££s of product. She nearly fell over when I answered ‘ Nivea’.

So ladies stop dreaming about one day owning a pot of Creme de la Β Mere and buy a pot of 99p Nivea, it’s not always Β great for the day as your make up can slide off but on these dry dry dry days slap it on. It is also a fantastic night cream.





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