No 7 Luxe in a Box Glamourous Nudes

I like anything and everything that has glitter on it, so whilst at Euston picking up my Β£3 meal deal for a train journey home I got seduced by this.Β  I could have kept it as a Christmas present but as my middle girl only wears any NAKED pallet and my eldest is a goddess of the earth and likes all natural products, the only option was to keep it for me!

Oh, I should have learned my lesson by now.Β  The minute I get giddy about a beauty product I am usually disappointed and that’s what happened with this.Β  As sets go this wasn’t the cheapest, I think it was Β£20 but if you get this on the 3 for 2 then no worries.Β  For me, before YouTube, I considered No 7 to be a high-product, really!Β  Posh make up counters were for posh ladies buying posh face creams and were not for me, so if I was treating myself it would be No 7.Β  As products go they are OK so I thought that I would like this little pretty glittery set.

But the new YouTube trained critical me was looking for something other than if it was pretty, oh yes,Β  now I come armed and dangerous with a plethora of new words: Pigmentation! Blendability! Fallout! Swatches!

Here are the swatches………….


To test out the eye pallet I used the below products:


(I mix the 2 foundations as the Revlon is too light and the Benefit is too dark)

Eyeshadow pallet: There was virtually no pigment and I had to build it up quite a lot; the problem with this was that due to the fallout it just turned into a big grey mess.

Blush: Well I nearly had to scrape it out with a trowel to get any kind of colour but once on it did blend quite nicely.Β  The brush is small but not too dense and it is nice and soft.

Gloss: I love the colour Β but the gloss is too clammy and sticky.

All in all it was not good and I am mad at myself because if I had not been impatient I could have spent Β£20 at Benefit.Β  #donotimpulsebuy.Β  Score: 3/10 and that’s just because I like the box

I also used the below for my brows (Make up Revolution Focus and Fix) and Garnier Micellar water to clean it all off.Β  I also included a half done face pic but I wasnt brave enough to post it without a lovely filter πŸ™‚


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