Game of Thrones Season 7 Sneak peek😱😱😱

Oh my giddy aunt, thank you HBO Christmas elves, am running off to the YouTube to spend hours watching trailer breakdown clips – yes I am a nerd πŸ€“

( updated: the YouTube tells me it’s not an official teaser but it’s still bloody good)



    1. I did the same last year; my son was 10 when it started and was oh nope can’t put that on, too many boobies etc.

      So I watched all last year but my bloody kids told me the two biggest spoilers, I could have murdered them, red wedding style.

      I loved the last season and can’t wait for the next


      1. Ugh so many boobies. HBO loves their boobs (and dong). I knew a bunch of the spoilers because of the books but not any of them from season 6. Hold the door made me cry my eyes out. Husband “are you okay?”, me “NO! Why do all the bad guys win and the good guys get sh** on!”. This was right after the election and I was raw.


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