Birchbox January 2017 unboxing *spoilers*

January is my least favourite month, the come down after Christmas, taking the lights down, no decent snow just cold rain and this year is more miserable than ever due to other family things. Β But the postman popped by and brought a little ray of sunshine or is it even more gloom? Let’s see….



Lord and Berry concealer stick Β£12 – not keen, I don’t really like pencil concealer. Swatching feels rough so don’t fancy it as underbrow highlighter but I’ll give it a go but for now – meh.

Batiste XXL styling spray – piss take. Come on Birchbox get it together. I can get this from any local shop – try harder – MEH MEH MEH

Vasanti Brighten Up – this is lovely, tried it straight away and it’s a Mmmm but full size is Β£25 or thereabouts – erm nope.

Nuxe – posh French name but basically glitter oil – am sure this will be lovely in the summer with a tan but cold damp January? – meh

Merci Handy – handcream, smells gorge and will be using (full size) Mmmm

I would give the box a 6/10, slightly disappointed. The sneak peek for next month is a make up brush so I’ll keep the subscription going for now but Birchbox need to up their game or I’ll be cancelling and going elsewhere… look fantastic imma coming your way…



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