My Little Box January 2017 unboxing *spoilers*: Fresh Start

I just love these boxes, I cannot find a thing wrong with them.

This month’s theme is Fresh Start and comes in a bag rather than the usual box.Β  The bag is really good quality and a lot bigger than the normal bag that you get in the box.

Here is what was in my bag:


  1. Scarf/Snood: This is beautiful.Β  This too is really good quality and is long enough for 2 generous loops around the neck and still hangs loosely.Β  Its is navy with coral and white abstract shapes. Just lovely.
  2. Timeless Planner – designed in the same colour scheme as the scarf and again is just lovely.Β  It is a planner and not a simple diary.Β  There are also a few cards that contain ideas.
  3. My Little Beauty Sweet Hand Cream – a decent sized hand cream that is thick and creamy without being sticky or tacky.
  4. My Little Beauty Energising Boost Yourself body cream – really big size and again isn’t tacky or sticky and smells gorge.
  5. MerciHandy Toothpaste – Berry flavoured, smells yum but haven’t tried it yet.
  6. Garnier Ultimate Blends Royal Jelly hair mask – again I haven’t tried this yet.

It is a 10/10 again for me.Β  I have been wearing the scarf since it arived and it is a cold cold day here but its keeping me lovely and snug but equally i think it will be great for the spring/summer as it is lightweight.Β  LOVE IT



      1. I know spoilsport. He killed me with ” if you cancelled them you would have enough for the palettes you want” – git.

        As if I would cancel!!!

        And how does he know what a palette is? Think I might be on the YouTube more than I thought πŸ˜‚

        Liked by 1 person

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