Month: February 2017

The Pink Parcel – Feb 2017 Unboxing

I only signed up to this box a couple of weeks ago and it was delivered today just in time to make it into the Feb Unboxings.

The Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that sends you a mix of feminine products, beauty, tea and sweets to make that horrible time of the month less of a cross to bare.

The box contains a For Later box that containsΒ  tampons or pads, whatever you prefer, a For Night Box that contains the same but the night version and a For Now drawstring bag to put in your handbag and contains tampons and panty liners.Β  The best box however is the ‘For You’ box which contains the treats.

In this months box I received:

  • VitamasqueΒ  – pomegranate; I have received these before and I really like them.Β  They are a sheet mask and leave your face feeling lovely
  • Yuyo Tea – this was – yes I have drank it already, was a lovely spearmint and garden mint tea bag – I am not a massive tea drinker but this was really good
  • Divine Chocolate – I don’t like white chocolate so gave this to my son, he says its alright.Β  He is almost 17 so to get him to say anything is a miracle
  • Lavolio Fondant Lovelies – my son ate these too; again they are alright
  • Trifle Cosmetics Buttercream Body cream – really cute packaging and smells like cupcakes – love it
  • Ciate Nail polish – this is a lovely pale pink polish and much nicer than the muddy gray one I got in my glossybox
  • Pom Heart Hoop Necklace – made especially for The Pink Parcel this is a really nice silver plated necklace, it’s quite short so I will use it with a longer chain but again I like it
  • Merci Handy toothpaste – I received this in My Little Box in January so I am really happy to receive another of these as i really liked the product.
  • Soap n Skin Himalayan Bath Salts – these smell of lavender and are quite chuncky

( all the contents can be seen in the clip below)

The box is Β£10 which includes P&P – I think it’s a bargain considering you get all your monthly pads/tampons and all the goodies 10/10

Here is my little video, I am no speilberg as is plainly obvious…………




Momma Bear Mouse

As some of you may know my lovely mum is in a nursing home and is β€˜at end of life’. Mum got sick last April, up until then she had been a proud and independent 85 years old. After a spell in hospital mum didn’t get any better and the decision was made by family and those looking after her that she required 24 hour care and would need to go into a nursing home. I raged against this as I had always promised her that I would never allow that to happen. In retrospect it was the best choice as she gets 24 hour care I would not have been able to manage.

Mum was doing well up until the new year when she quickly deteriorated. It has been the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with; Mum thinks she is 36, she wants new shoes and bags and wants to go dancing. This would be great other than the fact that she didn’t adopt me until she was 40 so she has no clue who I am – it is heartbreaking.

As I sat with her last night, watching her sleeping and watching YouTube videos, I realised my obsession with all things pretty came from this great lady. I fondly remember all the times I got in so much trouble for stealing her EsteΓ© Lauder lipsticks, her Clarins skincare and her Chanel…..I also realised where my passion for β€˜high-end’ came from too.

I remember one time when we were going on holiday to Scotland; my dad had taken the decision that we would travel by train. Half way into the journey there was a horrific scream. The whole carriage looked around to see who was being murdered (!!!) I was mortified to see that the gut wrenching sound was coming from my own mum. My dad jumped up β€˜momma bear mouse! What is it? Are you hurt?’ You can imagine my dad’s response when she informed him through the tears that she was not hurt but so much worse, she had forgotten to pack her make-up bag!!

On arrival at Glasgow Central my dad was ordered to take momma bear mouse to the nearest department store were she bought all new make-up and skincare – to this day I think she did it on purpose!

I decided it was only fitting that she got her own post on my little blog that celebrates all the pretties, as she is the prettiest of them all. I don’t want to do a memorial post when she has gone as I want to celebrate her now. I love her dearly and I am so lucky that she chose to adopt me and chose to be my lovely mum.

This is my momma bear:

Xanthelasma – Day 12 update

First off, please ignore the state of my eyebrows.Β  I have specifically not done them so my lovely friend can see what they are like before I draw them.Β  I have also taken the picture before applying anything to my face so you can really see what it looks like.Β  I have also included ‘not done yet’ eye so you can see the difference.

I have to say I am really happy with the result, it really wasn’t as bad as I expected or anticipated.Β  The scar is getting smaller and paler each day.Β  I facetime my sister everyday as she is brutally honest with me and yesterday she couldn’t see it at all and told me to get the other one sorted out pronto.

I intend to do it tonight as I am in presenting a conference in London on the 9th March so I want to get it done asap so I have time to heal.Β  It will be interesting to see how I perform when I am not worrying about the things on my eyes!

I think I will do blogs on the other eye as it is the bigger of the the two eyes and I am anxious it may be worse this time; so I will keep you all informed.


My Little Box January 2017 – Box and Product Reviews

I can wax lyrical for hours about My Little Box. Out of all the subscription boxes I get (it is now 5 as I have signed up for Look fantastic and The Pink Parcel which I will review in March) is is my favourite. I don’t know if its because it is French or that it is not just beauty products, I just love it.

What I got in my box: (more…)

BirchBox January 2017 – Product Reviews

I have proper fell out with BirchBox, thrown my dummy out and got my coat. I have not unsubscribed YET as I am waiting to see the Benefit lipstick in the March Box but let me tell you, they are currently drinking Mojitos in The Last Chance Saloon and they are not gonna be able to afford an Uber home.

Anyway. So here’s what I got in my January Box: (more…)