My Little Box January 2017 – Box and Product Reviews

I can wax lyrical for hours about My Little Box. Out of all the subscription boxes I get (it is now 5 as I have signed up for Look fantastic and The Pink Parcel which I will review in March) is is my favourite. I don’t know if its because it is French or that it is not just beauty products, I just love it.

What I got in my box:

Snood: I love this scarf/snood. It goes with everything and is surprisingly warm but I will be able to wear it throughout the year. The colours are lovely and the quality is brilliant. My daughter signed up for MiB after she saw my Christmas box and she loves it too.

Rating: 5/5

Planner: I had intended to use this religiously but life got in the way. Luckily it is not date stamped so I can still fully use it. The design is the same colours as the scarf and again the quality is amazing.

Rating: 5/5

My little Beauty body cream – the packaging is as always lovely and again matches the snood and the planner. I like the fragrance and the consistency of it and absorbs well into the skin without leaving it sticky

Rating: 5/5

My Little Beauty hand cream – adorable packaging and like the body cream I like the fragrance and the consistency of it and absorbs well into the skin without leaving it sticky and no residue

Rating: 5/5

MerciHandy toothpaste – I received the berry flavour and it took a bit of time to get my head around using a toothpaste that was not mint flavoured. It has little balls of berry in it that gave it the flavour and it was like cleaning my teeth with an Airwave. I ended up loving it.

Rating: 5/5

Garnier Ultimate Blends hair restorer – I received this in my Feb Glossybox and was pissed as it was a main item. It worked out to be value of 30p approx. In this box I didn’t mind so much as I had received such good quality items and it seemed like an added item. It is nice on the hair and it did make me go out and buy the full size shampoo and conditioner (2 for Β£4 at Asda)

Rating: 4/5

Box rating: 5/5 of course. I did have one little niggle. It is called My Little Box so although I liked the bigger drawstring bag I wanted a box. I was OK with it as I thought everyone had received the bag only, but then I saw on Instagram that my Little Box Japan received the bag and the box – I feel bloody cheated. My delight in getting this box is the boxes themselves; they have an amazing artist who designs all the boxes and illustrations and I would have love to have received the Fresh Start box, so I will sulk about that for a while but not deduct any points as I am being immature ha ha



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