Xanthelasma – Day 8 update

I have no soreness at all today and it was also the first morning that when I woke I did not look like I had gone 5 rounds with a prize fighter.Β  The scab is tiny and the redness has almost gone.Β 

So far I am impressed.Β  It has been a scary process and I have had moments when I thought I must have lost my mind to do it.Β  Now however, I am glad I did and will use the knowledge and advise I have received doing this eye when I do the next.

If anyone is reading this who suffers from Xanthelasma and you have any questions, please do get in touch and I will happily talk you through this method and any of the others e.g. garlic, castor oil etc.Β  I chose this method because I am impatient and after years of it I was fed up and just wanted to be rid of it.

I have decided to wait a little bit before I do the other eye as I just want to see what the scarring is like but I think that so far, so good.


Before and after



    1. Hi Leanne, I used something called a ‘wartner gel pen’ you can get it from Boots. It’s usually used for removing warts, you have to be careful as it is acid but I put a tiny tiny amount on a cotton bud then on the lump.

      I have put a video below if you want to see it and there is another which I did after about a month


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