Xanthelasma – Day 12 update

First off, please ignore the state of my eyebrows.Β  I have specifically not done them so my lovely friend can see what they are like before I draw them.Β  I have also taken the picture before applying anything to my face so you can really see what it looks like.Β  I have also included ‘not done yet’ eye so you can see the difference.

I have to say I am really happy with the result, it really wasn’t as bad as I expected or anticipated.Β  The scar is getting smaller and paler each day.Β  I facetime my sister everyday as she is brutally honest with me and yesterday she couldn’t see it at all and told me to get the other one sorted out pronto.

I intend to do it tonight as I am in presenting a conference in London on the 9th March so I want to get it done asap so I have time to heal.Β  It will be interesting to see how I perform when I am not worrying about the things on my eyes!

I think I will do blogs on the other eye as it is the bigger of the the two eyes and I am anxious it may be worse this time; so I will keep you all informed.




    1. Thank you x

      I am happy with it, there were a few times I was wishing I hadn’t done it but it is really healing well.

      The other one is worse than it looks on the photo and is the one that gets me down the most so hopefully it will go as smoothly as this one. It is much larger so I expect there will be more swelling but Mr Mouse will do the application this time so I can completely avoid my eye. We have had test runs and he is happy to go ahead with it now he has seen the difference it makes and he knows how to do it. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Wow I guess that I should have been reading your blog before now. My husband has the same growths on each of his eyes. He does have diabetes and heart problems. Has had to have bypass surgery. They have been there for a long time and he says it bothers his sight now. After researching this because of your blog, I am going to bring this to his attention and suggest we talk to his doctor about it. Was it very painful to have done? How long is the recovery? Can this be done as an outpatient? He is hesitant about surgery after the bypass not long ago. Sorry for so many questions.

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    1. Hannah it took about 2 weeks to heal
      I have 2 white scars but lumps are gone. It hurt for about 30 seconds and there was a bit of swelling and bruising but honestly I am so glad I did it, they really got me down.

      I am going to do a mini video to show the photos in sequence. Definitely see the doc first as I would hate to recommend something that may not be right for your husband.

      Mine were quite small but were getting bigger, I researched for a couple of years before I found the wartner stick, i know the garlic treatment works well for a lot of people and I am happy to talk you through that process


    2. I should have said, I did it myself which was scarey considering it was acid near my eyes !!! I do know that you can get it done by a doctor in the US.

      Here not so much, the pen cost Β£11 and I just went for it after trying a load of other things


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