Month: March 2017

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GlossyBox March 2017 โ€“ Box and Product review

This box was the best I received this month, out of all the subscription boxes I am signed up to. The total value of the box was ยฃ74 and contained 4 full size products and one sample that in itself was worth ยฃ15. Magical.

But were the products worth it? Letโ€™s seeโ€ฆโ€ฆ..

1. Schwarzkopf blonde me keratin restore shampoo: The official website says: Powered by Bonding Technology, this customised blonde care range is especially formulated to care for the delicate structure of blonde hair. Designed to cater for all blonde needs, with tailor-made nourishment and maintenance in 3 dedicated tone directions:

Full care regime for in-depth nourishment and strengthening of any blonde hair.

For cool cendrรฉ tone directions, neutralising unwanted warmth.

For warm caramel, refreshing or reviving faded blonde shades.


So thatโ€™s that then. This shampoo smells gorgeous and is really strong. Even in the box with the outer packaging I could smell it and feared something had leaked โ€“ but no! it was this product. My hair is in dire need of some TLC so I was dying to try this out. My problem with it is that I found it really difficult to use in that it didnโ€™t want to absorb into my hair. I have really long, fine hair and suffer from the worst โ€˜bed headโ€™ throughout the day, I only need to move and it knots. Usually I have to be quite delicate when washing my hair as otherwise I have a knotty mess that takes hours to get through. With this I had to proper scrub it to get it to work and it is a bugger to rinse out but when my hair is dry it is lovely and soft and shiny and tends to knot less. I am impressed as I have used every shampoo known to man and this made my hair lovely. Itโ€™s a refreshing change and well worth the ยฃยฃยฃs. My rating 9/10

2. Sleek eye and cheek palette; we got to choose which palette we wanted so I chose All Day Soiree. There are 4 shadows, a blush and a highlighter. The colours are lovely and swatch really nicely. I havenโ€™t used the shadows yet but I have used the highlighter daily and I really like it. It isnโ€™t blinding (if you want that get a Sleek Solstice palette โ€“ itโ€™s the but a really nice subtle day time shine. I like it. My rating: 8/10

3. 00lution Eye Love: This is a natural eye cream thatโ€™s worth ยฃ30. Yikes. Its organic and is supposed to be good for dark circles. I have used it nightly and havenโ€™t seen any visible improvement but itโ€™s a lovely cream, doesnโ€™t sting my eyes and absorbs well into the skin. I donโ€™t think I would repurchase because of the price but I will definitely use all of it. My rating: 7/10


4. Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy; this is a nice hand cream that absorbs well and doesnโ€™t leave your hands feeling sticky.ย  the official website states that it locks in lashings of moisture as it is infused with shea butter, macadamia nut oil it nourishes skin and contains hydrating ceramides and conditioning water-lily and ivy extracts. Fragrance: The fresh scent of wildflowers mingles with dewy green notes of ivy and water lily, whilst fruity accords of blackberry and bergamot add a hint of sweetness. I didnโ€™t smell any of that; I could only smell old ladies and it is very strong. I wouldnโ€™t use it out and about because of the smell but I do use it at night when the smell can only offend me; it is a good cream. My rating: 7/10


5. This Works in Transit Camera Close Up; this was the only sample in the box and still worth a whopping ยฃ15. Itโ€™s a 3 in 1 product that is a mask, moisturiser and primer. The cream has a lovely consistency and goes on the skin well. BUT, I have found it to be a bit dry and tightens my face in a way I donโ€™t like so I am going to stop using it as a primer. I will however use it at night and on no make-up days as I do like it and the brand. My rating: 8/10


I really liked this box and enjoyed all the products. Well done GlossyBox!

My Little Box March 2017 โ€“ Box and Product review

Now we all know I love My Little Box but I do try and remain unbiased in my reviews, so even if itโ€™s MLB, if something is rubbish I am going to say so. This monthโ€™s theme was #nofilter and it was all about the nudes. Again we did not get a box and I am still sulking about that. However I do use the make-up bag daily and it holds loads of pretties and as itโ€™s transparent I can easily find things without having to empty the entire thing.

1. My Little Box foundation brush: Oh this is just so cute and pink and little and lovely and just everything. There is a slight problem though. For me, it doesnโ€™t bloody work. The brush is just too dense, it is lovely and soft and I can swirl it all over my face all day long, but the minute I try and apply foundation with it, it just takes my foundation off. I thought at first it was the foundation, then maybe I was being too heavy handed but in the end I had to face the fact that as foundation brushes go this one wonโ€™t be getting used.


It did clean well and looks cute in my brushes pot so it will stay as a nice ornament and if my daughter (who also gets MLB) likes it she can have a spare. My rating: 3/10 purely because it is pretty.
2. Phone ring: I adore this. It is really well made and is mostly rose gold. Unfortunately I have an old phone and not the fancy rose gold one but it still looks nice. I donโ€™t use it so much with my finger but as a little phone stand as you can change the angle of the ring. My rating: 10/10

3. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer โ€“ I was so happy to get this in my box as it was something I have coveted for a long, long time. I was proper giddy. As I have said in some other posts I am having issues with my skin so I am hoping that that is why I really did not get on with this primer. I was expecting miracles but all I got was a nasty texture, balling up and patchy foundation, I was so CROSS.


I am not totally writing it off as I am unhappy with everything I am using lately so it has got to be me and my stupid hormones rather than all the products. With that in mind I will revisit it once my skin is behaving: My (temporary) Rating: 3/10.
4. Beauty notepad โ€“ rubbish filler item, donโ€™t need it, donโ€™t want it and if I was the greatest Youtuber ever (Kimberley Clarke โ€“ check out her Anti-haul videos) I wouldnโ€™t buy it. 1/10


5. My Little Beauty nude nail polish โ€˜Toute Nudeโ€™: This is another adorable item and I love everything about it. The packaging is to die for and the little drawing on the back of the box is #totesadorbs. The colour is lovely and I will be wearing it all summer once I have a bit of colour. My rating 10/10

6. Calvin Klein – Deep Euphoria. As samples go this was one of the best, no scratch and sniff here thank you very much. We got a miniature bottle with a decent enough amount of scent in it. The fragrance is nice and I will be using it. My rating: 10/10

7. Blush Pink Heart Bubble Wrap: I know, I know, I know, this isnโ€™t an item but packaging but it is so cute it deserves its own mention. I love it and I am keeping it and I just blinking love it. My rating 10/10


So my Little Box had a few fails this month but I still love the box and it is still my favourite. Bring on the April box, I canโ€™t wait!

Overall rating: 7/10


You can see my unboxing here:

Look Fantastic March 2017 – product reviews

My skin is having a meltdown this month and I am not sure why. I think it is possibly because of the amount of skin care products in my subscription boxes or more likely itโ€™s my stupid age and hormones going crazy.

Even so, I have been using the products to see if they are any good and some are complete fails and some are simply magical.

This is my second Look Fantastic box and I love it. The brands are all ones I have heard of and the sizes of the products received are good.

So letโ€™s see what I thought of the March box:

1. Pur Mineralising disappearing act concealer. The colour I received was a bit too peachy for my skin but if I use it on tiny blemishes it works well. On more prominent discolouration it didnโ€™t conceal as well as I wanted it to and I found the consistency rather dry. I used it a few times as an eye primer, I usually use a Mac paint pot (painterly) but this did cover my dark eyelids a little bit better although it tended to crease more. I have mostly been using it to sharpen up my eyebrows and it blends out nicely. I donโ€™t think I would purchase it but I wonโ€™t trash it either. My rating: 6/10
2. Skin Chemists 24 hour aqua repair serum: I like this a lot. It is a decent size and you only needed a little amount. I only use it at night after I have cleansed but it does make my skin feel extremely smooth and there is no tightness. It isnโ€™t oily either as you normally get with serums. It was an expensive product so I donโ€™t know if I would buy it but I may reconsider when I have used it longer, at the moment I havenโ€™t really noticed any improvement to my skin but as I said I am having issues that I donโ€™t think any lotion or potion could fix. My rating: 8/10
3. Redken heat cure treatment; this is a hair mask that I am saving for a special occasion. My hair is extremely long and a mess so I donโ€™t want to use it until I have had a good cut. I will rate it in a future review.
4. St. Tropez Instant tan glow: I hate this. It is so oily and sticky and I cannot figure when I would actually use it. Maybe in the summer, but even then I think everything would stick to you. The colour is nice but itโ€™s just too gloopy and I think I would just be a sticky mess. My rating: 2/10
5. Caudalie 3 in 1 moisturiser. This is a nice moisturiser but I tend to use it more in the morning than at night as it doesnโ€™t give me the oomph I want for a night time moisture boost. The consistency is nice and semi thick and soaks in well for day time use in that it isnโ€™t going to make your face an oil slick. I donโ€™t think I would purchase it but I will definitely use it all. My rating: 7/10
6. Starskin eye catcher; I really enjoyed using this as I tend to dislike the sheet masks as I get claustrophobic wearing them, as this only goes on under the eyes I had no problems wearing it and actually kept it on the correct amount of time. I must admit the first ten minutes of wearing it I had not unsealed it correctly (its sandwiched between 2 pieces) and I thought it was a bit pants but once I realised I had half the packaging still on it and then removed it, the masks were lovely. You can hardly feel that they are there and my skin felt lovely after use. I would definitely repurchase. My rating 10/10

Dermacol foundation

Last week Jeffree Star posted a video proclaiming he had found the world’s most full coverage foundation. It was a brand from Prague called Dermacol. The video was impressive and the product did seem to live up to the claim and as such he gave it the Jeffree Star seal of approval.
Now I have suffered from roseacea for years and no matter how much concealer, foundation or powder I use, there is a stubborn red patch under my right eye that refuses to be covered. It is also surrounded by broken veins. So on seeing Jeffree’s video I decided to give it a go.
The product is available on Amazon and cost me ยฃ10. It has different packaging than Jeffree’s but it is the same product. The product comes in a tube like toothpaste and the instructions are to use a little as a lot goes a long way. They are not wrong. I can cover my entire face with an amount the size of a pea. A little pea. I found the best way to apply was a suggested; using a damp (not wet) sponge/beauty blender.
Itโ€™s quite thick but it smoothed out lovely and this is the first foundation that I have used, in my 45 years, that did not oxidise on my skin. At all. Not one bit. No oompa loompers here.

And the redness? Well I put it on at approx 8am and I was good until about 30 mins ago (1pm), a tiny bit of red is sneaking through BUT that is around my nose and I have to admit I have the sniffles so I am not holding that against them.
It does sink in to my lines and wrinkles and does emphasise my pores ( I did use 2 primers This Works and L’oreal Blur Cream, I am going to try benefit’s Porefessional tomorrow) but if I am being honest I have found that with all foundations lately; my skin just does not want to play ball so if this product is going to cover the red then I can live with it.
Overall I am impressed, it feels nice, the coverage is really good and its cheap!

(the red on my nose and around my nose is where I have sniffed and rubbed it off)

Rating: 9/10 I would give it a 10 but it does really cake in my wrinkles.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire S05 Episode 1 โ€“ Czech Her Out

(ITVBe Mondays 10pm)

The Cheshire set are back and it looks like itโ€™s all kicked off Wilmslow way.
The ladies, apart from Missรฉ, are all back.ย  Missรฉย  is darn sarf getting loved up with the TOWIE reject Jake (seriously punching above his weight) but she will be back as a โ€˜friendโ€™ plus we have a brand new housewife which makes it 8 this season (too too many) They start the show with the typical โ€˜this season onโ€ฆ.โ€™ but I donโ€™t want to get ahead of myself so will take it episode by episode.

Sidenote: travelling home from Wales last week, with the help of a very good friend and colleague and a hormonal Sat Nav I got lost and found myself in the heart of Cheshire. Luckily I had a posh hire car so they didnโ€™t run me out of the county. But oh my! I sat in my little car surrounded by the McMansions dreaming of what my life could have been if I had been born looking like a supermodel or was a really good pole dancer who bagged herself a footballer. *sigh*

We open the season with Tanya and Leanne and the new baby who is adorable; he poops within the first 2 minutes; another shit show then. Tanya is stunning and my favourite Cheshire Housewife; she is looking fantastic, thanks to the surgeons knife, following the birth. Tanya brings up the christening of her kids where both Leanne and (Demon)Dawn will be Godparents. At the end of the last season we saw that they both tried to salvage their BFF status but it seems that itโ€™s gone down the shitter faster than one of babyโ€™s poops. Leanne tells Tanya that her friendship with (Demon)Dawn is over and the only relationship that they have is a legal one as โ€˜money is involvedโ€™. If you live under a rock I will explain as it seems Leanne isnโ€™t โ€˜allowedโ€™ to.

A few years ago (Demon)Dawn and her ex- football player husband, who are jointly worth ยฃ42 million โ€˜borrowedโ€™ off ex pole dancer Leanne and her famous ex- Manchester United player husband Wes Brown the grand sum of ยฃ500 000. (Demon)Dawn has not repaid a penny. Allegedly. So Leanne is suing her for it. #richfolkproblems

Anyway. Tanya is trying to stay out of it as she is good friends with both of them so it looks like this season she will be Switzerland.

Next we meet up with Seema and Stacey in their new bar that looks like it is in the middle of an industrial estate. (Demon)Dawn comes in with her new Chihuahua, it takes 2 seconds for me to realise I still cannot stand (Demon)Dawn. We are 5 seasons in and I still effin hate her and cannot find one redeeming quality about her other than she has nice hair, that probably costs more than my house. She is so far up Seema and Staceyโ€™s arse its beyond cringe. Seema and Stacey are still as pretentious as ever and Tanya hit the nail on the head with lasts yearโ€™s insult โ€˜Mrs Bucketโ€™; I just canโ€™t with these two they have the same effect on me as foil on a filling. Urgh.

Ampika and Lauren are in a jewellers, Ampika as always is dressed like she is auditioning for RuPaulโ€™s Drag Race (god love her) and Lauren is as mad as a box of frogs as always. Lauren’s divorce is almost final so Ampika wants her to go on a blind date with her, oh that will definitely be worth a look.

Back to the 3 witches; having a good old bitch about Tanya and Leanne โ€“ YAWN.
(Demon)Dawn gets the old violin out โ€“ victim, victim, victim โ€“ No (Demon)Dawn you are just a cow. This woman pushes all my buttons and it bloody annoys me. They back to licking each others arsesโ€ฆ..

Tanya has a new โ€˜push presentโ€™ (baby present) and it is a stunning Bentley, I want to hate her but I canโ€™t.

The new housewife is Ester. She arrives at (Demon)Dawnโ€™s Clinic and is a walking, talking Barbie doll. She is gloriously mental. Ester is Czech and her other half is 21 years her elder (and 3ft shorter) and she says she is often mistaken for a gold-digger but she got with her fella when he had nothing. We have a few minutes of her trying on risquรฉ outfits โ€“ lots of tits and arse. This one is going to be the Marmite of the season, love her or hate her and right now I am loving her. (Demon)Dawn is getting her hooks into her โ€“ Run Ester! Run!

Lauren and Ampika arrive for their blind date, the pair they are hooking up with are a right pair of not rights and so they do a back door boogie and I donโ€™t blame them one bit. Producers really should try harder and make it a tiny bit believable. The moment of the night is the Maรฎtreโ€™D as he stands in shot grinning his little head off.



Ester is viewing houses and her design ideas are fabulous, I cannot wait to see how she blings it out. I am imagining a 70s Porno paradise. Esterโ€™s mum turns up and she looks like an eastern European hooker; lock up your husbands!

Next is (Demon)Dawn and her new dog. Not interested, donโ€™t care. Fast Forward.
Leanne and Ampika are catching up and they allude to the โ€˜legalโ€™ problems. Ampika clearly still hates (Demon)Dawn. I feel you Ampika. Leanne has also fallen out with Stacey โ€“ Leanne you have swerved a bullet so I wouldnโ€™t waste your time trying to sort it out.

The ladies are all off to a burlesque ball, S&S are arriving together and we get more of blah blah blah. YAWN.

(Demon)Dawn arrives with Ester and all the ladies jaws are on the floor. Ester looks magnificent if a bit lost in the 80s. She is hilarious and Ampika recognises her from a previous event. Ampika and Ester have the same โ€˜tasteโ€™ and look like sisters from another mister.

Ester reveals she has had a couple of texts with Mark and admits she tried to set him up with her mum ha-ha. She is cracked and seems to be trying to fix her fella up with Stacey โ€“ keys in a dish vibe all around.

Leanne comes over to have the โ€˜talkโ€™ with Stacey. No-one cares. Sack her off Leanne she aint worth it.

Next week: its all kicking off big style, lots of effing and jeffing, glasses being smashed and (Demon)Dawn looking as smug as ever.

Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot foundation

I had such high hopes for this foundation.ย  I had been researching foundations as my go to Milani and Doublewear hadnโ€™t been working as well as usual.ย  I think this is because I have basically been very regimented with my skin care lately and I have been trying out all the new products that I have been receiving in my subscription boxes.ย  For whatever reason, I find myself being more critical that usual and really looking at my skin and how the products perform – thank Tati and Shaaanxo for that, with some Jeffree Star thrown in for good measure.

Anyway I was having issues.ย  I decided to check out the UK Youtubers asย  I would be able to purchase whatever they recommended.ย  I decided to go with PixiWoo – the creators of Real Technique brushes.

I like the Soap and Glory brand, their Sexy Motherpucker lip gloss is to die for and I love the tingly sensation on the lips, I have also heard amazing things about their new primer that is a partner to this foundation.ย  So off I trots to Boots to purchase.ย  The foundation is 12 hour longwear with shine-blocโ„ข and a super-blurโ„ข liquid to powder finish and costs approx ยฃ10

I wore it over 5 days.ย  Each day I wore a different primer:

  1. L’oreal Blur Cream
  2. Benefit Porefessional
  3. This works In transit Camera Close up
  4. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
  5. And one day just moisturiser – Nip+Fab Kale

On each day I struggled to apply it. It really doesn’t blend well with either a brush or a beauty blender and I found that it made my primer ‘ball up’.ย  It really emphasised my pores and wrinkles and it oxidised really orange.ย  It does dry down to a powder finish but this made my skin look even worse.ย  On Friday I was going to Wales for work and ended up taking my entire face off and reapplying using my Milani as Mr Mouse asked me where Willy Wonka was; this tells me that this was not a good look as he is a man and notices nothing that doesnโ€™t involve a football, beer or boobs.

For me this foundation was a disaster.ย  I will give it a 3/10 as the coverage was OK when it eventually blended but it is too much hard work and really isnโ€™t for the more mature skin.

In its defence I would usually give Double-wear a solid 9/10 but currently that is down to a 5.