img_1694I have a very good friend and collegue, we will call her Miss M. Miss M lives in London so she is all cosmopolitan and chic, whereas I am northern and just not. Miss M is visiting me this week for work so I have had to drag my sorry arse to the office. The office is in the town centre, in the town centre is Debenhams (UK equivalent of Sephora).

Well I had promised Mr Mouse that I would be good this month and not buy any make up! It’s also the first day of Lent and I have given up smoking, now I haven’t had a cigarette all day but Miss M is a very bad influence so come lunchtime off we trot to Debenhams….

i dare not tell Mr Mouse how much I spent BUT I didn’t buy cigarettes so if I continue being good I’ll break even… πŸ™Š

I have been wanting the palette FOREVER, I just needed Miss M to give me the final push…thank you Miss M love yer lady 😘