Miss M returned to London last night but not before we went shopping again.ย  I got my eyebrows threaded and my forehead is still red raw 24 hours later, man she was good or I was hairy!

So I bought a few things………………

The brushes are on offer at Boots ‘buy one get one half price’ – who was I to argue with that?ย  I got a Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot foundation as I had heard magical things about it, but so far I am not keen.ย  I think I will do a full day test over the weekend when my face has calmed down. The Barry M lip kit is ok, it was only ยฃ7 and the liner is a good dupe for my Mac Whirl (almost)

Now to my rant.

If anyone has seem my ‘about’ section you will know I can be bought for any Benefit product.ย  I don’t know what it is about the products, I just like them BUT…….. a few weeks ago I saw that QVC were doing a rerun of Benefit on their Beauty Channel.ย  I watched it. All I can say is ifย  hadn’t used a benefit product before then hell and high water could not have made me part with my money.ย  I will tell you why.

Usually when you see these ‘shows’ the spokesperson for the company comes on looking all glam and lovely because obviously she is a walking ad for the goodies.ย  I won’t name the person they had on but OH MY GOD – IN MY OPINION – ALLEGEDLY- if that’s the best Benefit can do then they are lucky they are in business.ย  She looked like she wasn’t wearing any make up, was dressed like an old tramp and to put it bluntly she looked bloody shit. Then she starts demonstrating the products and I actually screamed at the telly ‘what the bleeding heck are you doing love?’

They’re Real mascara is one of my favourite all time mascaras and it happens to be by Benefit, when put on correctly it looks magical, this bloody woman made the model look like she had spiders all over her face and the clumps!ย  Mr Mouse could not understand why I was so cross but as I explained this is my favourite brand, I am very protective of it and she made it look shit.ย  Am still fuming.

Anyways.ย  Ok let me ask you a question.ย  When you go into a department store to buy high end or mid range products do you;

  1. expect the salesperson to look on point showing the products to their best and
  2. know about the products and all the ranges of the Brand as they are trying sell you the stuff so they should know what they are talking about? Well I do.

I was in a happy mood as I had my Too Faced palette and told Miss M that I needed some Ka Brow from benefit.ย  I go over to the counter and the Bene ‘Babe’ looked like………. well not good.ย  My Labrador could have put eye liner on better.

Miss M asked her about products and I was listening going ‘NO NO NO’ that’s not correct! I ended up showing Miss M all the products, explained what they did and if I thought they were any good.ย  Miss M did make a purchase on my say so.

But what really stuck in my craw was when I asked this Bene Babe if Hoola Lite would be launching in the UK any time soon, she looked at me clueless then asked me what Hoola Lite was (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)ย ย  For real.ย  I replied ‘well you know your most famous bronzer in all the world, a lite version has been released this very day in Ulta and I was just wondering if it would be coming here?’, to which she replied she didn’t know what I was talking about.


Am I being too harsh? I don’t think so.ย  It’s like me not knowing stuff in my job, it just isn’t on; I donโ€™t care if it’s only launched in the US, if I know about it then a spokesperson working for THE COMPANY and is aย  Benefit Bene Babe should bloody know about it!!!

It’s a good job I am not the area manger because I would be pulling a Lord Sugar and telling her ‘You’re Fired’

RANT OVER – Please tell me if you think I am being precious about it but it REALLY pissed me off.

p.s. I still bought the Ka Brow but she recommended the wrong bloody shade even though I told her it was wrong as my Goof Proof and Gimme Brow was a different colour.ย  So thatโ€™s almost ยฃ20 down the toilet.ย  Well no, I will use it but that’s not the bloody point! ohhhhhhh getting cross again now ha ha.