Look Fantastic March 2017 UK – Unboxing – SPOILERS

This month its the Elle Edit, which I don’t really understand as you get Elle with it every month, but hey ho.

Its a nice Black box but it won’t be making it onto my ‘Pretty Boxes’ shelf.

On to the goodies:

  1. PUR: Mineralising disappearing act concealer.Β  This is a pot concealer and feels quite dry but I have heard good things about the brand and am interested to try it.
  2. Skin Chemists: 24 hour Aqua repair serum: after being brutalised having my brows threaded my skin is crying out for this so will be trying this out later, it feels nice though.
  3. Redken: Heat cure treatment.Β  I have hair to my back side as I am scared of hairdressers and it is in a right old state so I cannot wait to try this out and I believe it is a good brand
  4. St. Tropez: Instant Tan Glow.Β  I was proper giddy when I opened the box and saw this.Β  Thats was until I swatched it.Β  It feels and looks like Hawain Tropical sun oil – it is really thick and really dark and looked like i had put my hand in a chip pan.Β  However…. it did dry down quite nice so I am open to this but not convinced as i think it is just a sticky mess
  5. Caudalie: 3 in 1 Moisturiser.Β  I am hesitant to use new moisturisers as they do not always agree with me but I will give it a go and get back to you next month
  6. Starskin Eye catcher: When i opened the box my first thought was ‘Good God not another sheet mask!’ but its not, its a eye mask so again after my threading I am really looking forward to trying this.

I cannot work out the value as there are no prices but I think the products are all available on the website so I might figure it out over the weekend.Β  What I will say is they are good brands and decent sizes……..here is another little quick vid.

I’ll be winning next best picture Oscar if I keep this up hahah





  1. Wow this is very cool Mousie I’m impressed! Very nicely done video and post! I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point makeup companies come to you and Allie one day giving you free samples to try and review! why i didn’t click on your name sooner I don’t know but am awfully glad I’ve found this site too! Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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