BirchBox February – Box and Product Review

I will put as much thought and effort into this review as BirchBox do when thinking about their box and listening to their customers……..0.

Ok the brush was mediocre.Β  That’s as good as it gets.

My March Box is due and I have sneek peeked it; if I get what others are showing, then wherever you are on the planet you will hear me combust.

I cannot understand how they continue fobbing us off with the shit they put in the box when GlossyBox, Look Fantastic etc manage to give more than 1 full size product and decent brands.

They, BirchBox, are promoting a Benefit Lipstick in the March Box, I can tell by the picture it is a crappy sample one as I got a few for Christmas in a kit and they look exactly the same.Β  In Pink Parcel this month they are giving 8 items (as well as the tampons and pads) for Β£6.99, one being a FULL SIZE Rimmel lipstick. WTF BirchBox????!!!!


So If any one knows of any other decent boxes available in the UK please let me know as BirchBox will not be getting any more of my money unless the March box knocks me bandy, has fireworks shooting out of it and Eric from True Blood personally delivers it.

A piss poor and I am being generous 2/10



  1. I agree on all points- especially Eric Northman. MEOW. I’m watching that new show on HBO Big Little Lies 99% percent because he is on it. 1% for the rest of the cast and 0% for the plot. I am getting a March birch box and am in the same place- if it isn’t absolutely amazing I’m cancelling. The February box seemed was lame and not even worth $10.

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