GlossyBox February 2017 – Box and Product Review

I get 5 subscription boxes each month.Β  Glossybox is my 4th Favourite. This isn’t fair to Glossybox as you really get good value for money and the products are really decent.Β  I think I prefer the others more as they are just that little bit different.Β  I should like this more than I do and hopefully I will with future boxes.

What I thought of the products:

  • L’eau de Rose by Jeanne Arthes – FULL SIZE. Β£20 For me, this smells like a nursing home minus the tinge of urine you get in them places.Β  My mum is 85 and currently residing in such a place and I am sure her fellow residents would love this as it smells like proper old granny rose smell; it reminds me of going into Woolworth in the 70s and sniffing Yardley’s talc and soap.Β  It is really heavy too and one squirt lasted all day and gave me a banging headache.Β  However if you like the smell of roses then you will like it and the bottle looks pretty on my shelf.
  • Noire Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub – De Bruyere: FULL SIZE Β£25.42.Β  I love this, it makes my face feel lovely and soft and doesn’t make me sore at all.Β  I am trying not to use it too much as I want it to last but I think I will only get another 2 goes out of it.Β  Magical.
  • Paint Pot in fade to Greige – Ciate London – FULL SIZE Β£9.Β  I know it’s probably fashionable but this colour looks like something my dog would sick up after eating her own poop.Β  Yes she does, then tries to kiss me.Β  The bottle is really pretty and if you have the right colouring its probably lovely but I am a northern girl and have the blue tinge to my pale skin so this made me look like I was on the slab awaiting a post mortem.
  • Beat the Blues in Oyster Gold by MeMeMe – FULL SIZEΒ  Β£7.25 You know that James Bond film Goldfinger? When the lady is painted gold? Yes well get giddy with this and that’s what you will be channeling.Β  To be frank its shit. On me.Β  Maybe its my application but in all honesty if I had left my house with that on my face I would have been sectioned, I looked a right bell end.
  • Garnier Ultimate Blends Restore balm:Β  The RRP is Β£4.49 for 300ml so this works out about 30p. If my maths is correct.Β  It is what it is, conditioner.Β  It was Ok.

Again my review comes across really shitty and I do not mean it to be.Β  The box design was lovely the products just don’t suit me this month and I am sure lots of people were really happy.Β  My March box came today and it looks fantabulous so I am sure I will have better things to say next month. The value you get in this box is brilliant and although I didn’t like the products I still think it deserves a solid 8/10





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