The Pink Parcel – February Box – What I liked and what I didn’t like – Review

This was my first Pink Parcel and I thought as it is the cheapest that it would be a bit rubbish if I am honest, but I was pleasantly surprised.Β  Obviously I don’t need to review the feminine products as they are what they are, I will say I love the little ‘for now’ bag you get for your handbag so you are never caught short and have to do the drastic whispers to your work pals ‘have you got a tampax’ whilst you do the squirmy dance on you chair.

No-one likes this time of the month and it’s called ‘the curse’ for good reason.Β  So I think the concept of this box is really good.

So what did I think of what I got in the box:

  • VitamasqueΒ  – pomegranate; I used this straight away.Β  I am torn with sheet masks, my brain tells me that it is good for me and my skin will love it, and it does, but I don’t know about you but I always feel a bit of a dick when I have one on and look around my bathroom to make sure there’s no hidden cam that is streaming live ‘look at the numpty with the soggy tissue on her face’. I also get very claustrophobic in them and have never kept one on the required amount of time.Β  That being said it did leave my face feeling lovely and soft, for a bit.
  • Yuyo Tea – tea makes me feel sick and nauseous, not good when you are English.Β  But mint is very good for your insides (tip: have paracetamol and hot mint if you are ‘bloated’ (trapped wind) and you will be farting like a good one and have no pain pretty quick – I got that tip from a midwife when I had my first caesarean and it works).Β  The tea was really minty, didn’t make me feel sick and I really quite enjoyed it
  • Divine Chocolate – I don’t like white chocolate so gave this to my son, he says its alright.Β  He is almost 17 so to get him to say anything is a miracle
  • Lavolio Fondant Lovelies – my son ate these too; again they are alright
  • Trifle Cosmetics Buttercream Body cream – really cute packaging and smells like cupcakes – I lost this, I used it once and loved it but for the life of me I have no clue what I did with it so I really can’t tell you anything about it.
  • Ciate Nail polish –Β  this looks better in the bottle than it did on my nails. One coat was OK but it was very sheer, so much so it looked clear. The second coat made my nails look like I had put tippex all over them, not a fan.
  • Pom Heart Hoop Necklace – I wore it for 2 minutes, felt like I was being strangled and put it in the ‘one of the daughters can have it’ box
  • Merci Handy toothpaste – love.
  • Soap n Skin Himalayan Bath Salts – I didn’t use them.Β  They are big and chunky and look like they will scratch my bath so they are now an ornament instead.

I hate this review as it comes across shitty but I really like the box and the things in it.Β  It is great value for money and I am happy to continue my subscription.

I am happy to give it 10/10


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