Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot foundation

I had such high hopes for this foundation.Β  I had been researching foundations as my go to Milani and Doublewear hadn’t been working as well as usual.Β  I think this is because I have basically been very regimented with my skin care lately and I have been trying out all the new products that I have been receiving in my subscription boxes.Β  For whatever reason, I find myself being more critical that usual and really looking at my skin and how the products perform – thank Tati and Shaaanxo for that, with some Jeffree Star thrown in for good measure.

Anyway I was having issues.Β  I decided to check out the UK Youtubers asΒ  I would be able to purchase whatever they recommended.Β  I decided to go with PixiWoo – the creators of Real Technique brushes.

I like the Soap and Glory brand, their Sexy Motherpucker lip gloss is to die for and I love the tingly sensation on the lips, I have also heard amazing things about their new primer that is a partner to this foundation.Β  So off I trots to Boots to purchase.Β  The foundation is 12 hour longwear with shine-blocβ„’ and a super-blurβ„’ liquid to powder finish and costs approx Β£10

I wore it over 5 days.Β  Each day I wore a different primer:

  1. L’oreal Blur Cream
  2. Benefit Porefessional
  3. This works In transit Camera Close up
  4. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
  5. And one day just moisturiser – Nip+Fab Kale

On each day I struggled to apply it. It really doesn’t blend well with either a brush or a beauty blender and I found that it made my primer ‘ball up’.Β  It really emphasised my pores and wrinkles and it oxidised really orange.Β  It does dry down to a powder finish but this made my skin look even worse.Β  On Friday I was going to Wales for work and ended up taking my entire face off and reapplying using my Milani as Mr Mouse asked me where Willy Wonka was; this tells me that this was not a good look as he is a man and notices nothing that doesn’t involve a football, beer or boobs.

For me this foundation was a disaster.Β  I will give it a 3/10 as the coverage was OK when it eventually blended but it is too much hard work and really isn’t for the more mature skin.

In its defence I would usually give Double-wear a solid 9/10 but currently that is down to a 5.



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