Dermacol foundation

Last week Jeffree Star posted a video proclaiming he had found the world’s most full coverage foundation. It was a brand from Prague called Dermacol. The video was impressive and the product did seem to live up to the claim and as such he gave it the Jeffree Star seal of approval.
Now I have suffered from roseacea for years and no matter how much concealer, foundation or powder I use, there is a stubborn red patch under my right eye that refuses to be covered. It is also surrounded by broken veins. So on seeing Jeffree’s video I decided to give it a go.
The product is available on Amazon and cost me Β£10. It has different packaging than Jeffree’s but it is the same product. The product comes in a tube like toothpaste and the instructions are to use a little as a lot goes a long way. They are not wrong. I can cover my entire face with an amount the size of a pea. A little pea. I found the best way to apply was a suggested; using a damp (not wet) sponge/beauty blender.
It’s quite thick but it smoothed out lovely and this is the first foundation that I have used, in my 45 years, that did not oxidise on my skin. At all. Not one bit. No oompa loompers here.

And the redness? Well I put it on at approx 8am and I was good until about 30 mins ago (1pm), a tiny bit of red is sneaking through BUT that is around my nose and I have to admit I have the sniffles so I am not holding that against them.
It does sink in to my lines and wrinkles and does emphasise my pores ( I did use 2 primers This Works and L’oreal Blur Cream, I am going to try benefit’s Porefessional tomorrow) but if I am being honest I have found that with all foundations lately; my skin just does not want to play ball so if this product is going to cover the red then I can live with it.
Overall I am impressed, it feels nice, the coverage is really good and its cheap!

(the red on my nose and around my nose is where I have sniffed and rubbed it off)

Rating: 9/10 I would give it a 10 but it does really cake in my wrinkles.


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