Look Fantastic March 2017 – product reviews

My skin is having a meltdown this month and I am not sure why. I think it is possibly because of the amount of skin care products in my subscription boxes or more likely it’s my stupid age and hormones going crazy.

Even so, I have been using the products to see if they are any good and some are complete fails and some are simply magical.

This is my second Look Fantastic box and I love it. The brands are all ones I have heard of and the sizes of the products received are good.

So let’s see what I thought of the March box:

1. Pur Mineralising disappearing act concealer. The colour I received was a bit too peachy for my skin but if I use it on tiny blemishes it works well. On more prominent discolouration it didn’t conceal as well as I wanted it to and I found the consistency rather dry. I used it a few times as an eye primer, I usually use a Mac paint pot (painterly) but this did cover my dark eyelids a little bit better although it tended to crease more. I have mostly been using it to sharpen up my eyebrows and it blends out nicely. I don’t think I would purchase it but I won’t trash it either. My rating: 6/10
2. Skin Chemists 24 hour aqua repair serum: I like this a lot. It is a decent size and you only needed a little amount. I only use it at night after I have cleansed but it does make my skin feel extremely smooth and there is no tightness. It isn’t oily either as you normally get with serums. It was an expensive product so I don’t know if I would buy it but I may reconsider when I have used it longer, at the moment I haven’t really noticed any improvement to my skin but as I said I am having issues that I don’t think any lotion or potion could fix. My rating: 8/10
3. Redken heat cure treatment; this is a hair mask that I am saving for a special occasion. My hair is extremely long and a mess so I don’t want to use it until I have had a good cut. I will rate it in a future review.
4. St. Tropez Instant tan glow: I hate this. It is so oily and sticky and I cannot figure when I would actually use it. Maybe in the summer, but even then I think everything would stick to you. The colour is nice but it’s just too gloopy and I think I would just be a sticky mess. My rating: 2/10
5. Caudalie 3 in 1 moisturiser. This is a nice moisturiser but I tend to use it more in the morning than at night as it doesn’t give me the oomph I want for a night time moisture boost. The consistency is nice and semi thick and soaks in well for day time use in that it isn’t going to make your face an oil slick. I don’t think I would purchase it but I will definitely use it all. My rating: 7/10
6. Starskin eye catcher; I really enjoyed using this as I tend to dislike the sheet masks as I get claustrophobic wearing them, as this only goes on under the eyes I had no problems wearing it and actually kept it on the correct amount of time. I must admit the first ten minutes of wearing it I had not unsealed it correctly (its sandwiched between 2 pieces) and I thought it was a bit pants but once I realised I had half the packaging still on it and then removed it, the masks were lovely. You can hardly feel that they are there and my skin felt lovely after use. I would definitely repurchase. My rating 10/10


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