Month: April 2017

Birchbox April 2017 Unboxing *spoilers*

So if you have read my other Birchbox posts, you will know that I was fed up to the back teeth with them. Last month I threw the hissiest of all hissy fits and went on a proper rant about where they could shove their bloody box. I was also very vocal about cancelling my subscription. (more…)


Look Fantastic April 2017 *spoilers*

The rain, rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down, down in rushing, rising riv’lets, ‘Til the river crept out of its bed,Β  And crept right into piglet’s……..

It pissed down here too.Β  But no matter tis April and my first monthly box has arrived Yippeeeeeee! (more…)

The real housewives of Cheshire S05 Episode 2 – Social Friends

We start of the episode with Leanne and Tanya doing a bit of shopping in the hopes it will take Leanne’s mind off the madness that is going on with Dawn. Tanya looks amazing (bitch) and I love that she doesn’t work out – there is hope for us all. Ah no she has it sucked out. Lippo please! (more…)

Birchbox March 2017 – box review

Well I had intended to cancel Birchbox after receiving this box and was peeved, again.Β  But I forgot so I have another month to give it a chance – I am rooting for you Birchbox please do not let me down.

My box contained 5 tiny samples which was really the cause of my anger when I opened the box.Β  I know it doesn’t cost a huge amount but when the other boxes are slaying it every month, well it makes me just feel Meh! (more…)