Birchbox March 2017 – box review

Well I had intended to cancel Birchbox after receiving this box and was peeved, again.Β  But I forgot so I have another month to give it a chance – I am rooting for you Birchbox please do not let me down.

My box contained 5 tiny samples which was really the cause of my anger when I opened the box.Β  I know it doesn’t cost a huge amount but when the other boxes are slaying it every month, well it makes me just feel Meh!

The box was OK, it wasn’t a drawer box as they were celebrating an anniversary so it was a replica of the original box – it was OK.

My SAMPLES were:

  1. Marcelle eye make-up remover: this is a nice product and I have used it a lot.Β  It removes eye make up really well but mascara needs a few goes.Β  It smells nice, doesn’t hurt my eyes and although it is a really small sample size its not knocking me bandy enough to purchase it once I have used it up – I’d give it a decent 7/10
  2. Benefit They’re Real Lipstick – this is not full size but a ‘deluxe sample’ I know because I got some for Christmas in a Kissy Missy gift set.Β  The lipstick is a duo colour which is supposed to act as a lip liner and lipstick combined.Β  It doesn’t really do that but the lipstick is nice and I will wear it.Β  I love Benefit as a brand but I am not feeling these lipsticks – an average 6/10
  3. Balance Me Instant Lift Primer – OK the issue I have with this is it is TINY, now I know that products do small samples HOWEVER I have had about 3 products from this brand all full size and all as a free gift on the front of a magazine so that’s my issue.Β  If they can give full size to a mag why not on BirchBox? I don’t get it and it hacks me off.Β  As to the product I haven’t tried it yet as I got 2 other primers this month from my other boxes so I will do a review once I have used it
  4. Amika hair protector – tiny tiny bottle with about 5 squirts in it.Β  It is supposed to protect your hair before styling but for me it just made my hair sticky and horrid, a very poor 1/10
  5. Korres shower gel – This was smaller than the stuff you get in hotel rooms, for real.Β  The product itself was nice and had a nice scent but there wasn’t enough to make me want to rush out and buy it ; a fair 5/10

So that was my box ; very underwhelming.Β  I was very angry when I received it as I had got really good products in my other boxes so it highlighted just how rubbish this box was.Β  As I said I forgot to cancel so I will be getting the April box, fingers crossed

I have done my first Hails and Fails on Youtube and its a bit of a train wreck and my accent is so bad but if you want to see the things I did and didn’t like this month, some from boxes, see below or on the sidebar under ‘Monthly Musings’.

This month’s boxes should start rolling in this week and as always I am as giddy as a kipper!




  1. It’s just as crappy here in the US and getting worse! I have 2 months left and I’m done with BB. Oh and I love your accent and could listen to you all day!

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