So if you have read my other Birchbox posts, you will know that I was fed up to the back teeth with them. Last month I threw the hissiest of all hissy fits and went on a proper rant about where they could shove their bloody box. I was also very vocal about cancelling my subscription.

Obviously I didnโ€™t because I forgot and now I am really happy that I didnโ€™t because this month they have played a blinder.

Can I just sayโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ I LOVE THIS BOX! Yes a Birchbox that I love! Holy Moly the pigs are a flying.

To the box. This monthโ€™s theme is The Bold and the Beautiful and they have partnered up with Boden. The box itself is simply gorge and they are back to the drawer box so I am chuffed before I even open it. Now to the contents:

There are 2 full size products and the rest are really decent sized samples:

1. Lusetan Keratin Conditioner. Full size is ยฃ5. I will work out all the prices when I do the full review later in the month. The fragrance is not too heavy and is what I would call a very โ€˜cleanโ€™ smell; itโ€™s fresh. Love it.
2. Baija Crรจme Moana body lotion: the packaging of this is so nice and the smell is gorgeous; it really reminds me of something but canโ€™t put my finger on what it is. The cream has a peach colour to it and it is a really nice consistency and absorbs without feeling sticky.
3. Model Co Gel crayon Liner โ€“ utter crap. It snapped as I was demonstrating it on my unboxing video (which is down below,ย  please go watch โ€“ plug plug) It is not pigmented and is really dry. Not a fan.
4. Mannakadar HD finishing powder; although it is tiny it is a full size product and has a value of ยฃ27 โ€“ I shit thee not. The powder feels nice and soft although it was a bit of work to get into it. I will let you know if it is as good as it claims to be in my full review but for now I am loving it.
5. The final product is from one of my fave brands Polaar. I got the Ice Pure gentle scrub and it feels amazing; the packing is the same as the other Polaar products but is pink and I LOVE IT.


Well done Birchbox,ย  you were a dead box walking but you have pulled it out of the bag this month.

Proper chuffed.

Birchbox Unboxing: