Birchbox UK April – product and box review

I have a love/hate relationship with Birchbox but somehow, after all the hate I have thrown at them they have given me an affiliate link – it will be interesting to know how long it lasts before they null and void it.Β  I am not sure how it works if I’m honest, I think I get points or something if you use my link to sign up, I am really not sure but anyways if you do decide to sign up to Birchbox you can use my code – yay does this mean I am a real blogger now or a complete sell out? ha-ha


To be fair to BB I loved the April box and for me to like it is a big deal as I have hated on them every month. And I loved it before I got the code.Β  Did I mention the code? lol BIRCHBOX UK

OK that’s enough of that. On to the box…….. The box was a collab with Boden and it is stunning.Β  I was so fed up with Birchbox and was set on cancelling my sub so I was very pleasantly surprised when my April box arrived and even more so when I used everything:

1. Lusetan Keratin Conditioner. Full size is Β£5.Β  This is a really nice conditioner and it made my hair smell glorious, even Mr Mouse commented on how good it smelled.Β  I am finally having my hair cut and coloured on Friday, its been about 10 years since a hairdresser frazzled my hair and I have been too scared to trust anyone with it, which means my hair is a mess and down to my backside.Β  This conditioner made it so easy to get through and believe me it is usually a 30 minute battle every morning.Β  it got rid of my frizz and I was thrilled with it – a very well deserved 10/10

2. Baija CrΓ¨me Moana body lotion: I am saving this for summer as it is soooooo nice and smells fantastic.Β  I have used it a little and its lovely and creamy without being sticky and doesn’t ball up.Β  The packaging is lovely and its another hit 10/10

3. Model Co Gel crayon Liner – utter utter shit.Β  It snapped as soon as I tried to swatch it, it is very scratchy on the eye.Β  It is useless on the eyelid and stransfers and smudges if used on the water line or on the under eye.Β  Its going in the bin as I wouldn’t even give it away it is so bad – 0/10

4. Mannakadar HD finishing powder; although it is tiny it is a full size product and has a value of Β£27 – I shit thee not.I am not having it that this is full size it just cannot be – no way.Β  It is T.I.N.Y.Β  However good things come in small packages, I have been using this to set my under eye and by golly it works! I have a lot of wrinkles under my eyes and I usually have to avoid concealer and powder as it sinks so bad into them and makes them look terrible but my eyes also smudge stupid so I tried this out an it is MAGICAL.Β  It blinking works, I still don’t believe it is full size but I will deffo buy it again 10/10

5. The final product is from one of my fave brands Polaar. this is a lovely scrub and I have been using this and a My Little Box one that I didn’t get round to posting (yet).Β  I actually prefer the MLB one but this doesn’t hurt my face or sting and the packaging is adorbs.Β  8/10

All in all its one of the best boxes I have received and so i am SHOOK as Jeffree Starr would say. My May box is due so lets hope it is as good and I do not go back to hating

My unboxing is available here: p.s my accent is Bolton in the North West of England – it is near Manchester and is very strong so you may need a translator!





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