Soap and Glory Solar Powder

I got this bronzer when I got the primer, as it was on a 3 for 2 deal at Boots.Β  I also purchased the Supercat eyeliner I will tell you about that in another post.

The Solar Powder is a multi shade ‘shimmering’ bronzer. When you open it it looks like Benefit Hoola and Hoola light with a pink over spray covering the embossed S&G.Β  That over-spray comes right off and beneath it is just nice matte bronzers.

I love Hoola but sometimes it looks really muddy on me especially if I have been cack handed with it and I also struggle to blend it.Β  I have my eye one the Hoola Lite (birthday list kids!) as I think the colour would be better suited to me as I am very fair skinned.

I was a bit anxious to use this as I had had such disasters with the foundation and primer but this bronzer is GORGEOUS; its very (bingo key words coming up) Buttery, creamy, pigmented and blendable. Whoooo Hoooo – got a line, call bingo!

But seriously this is a lovely bronzer, it applies really nicely,Β  the colour suits my complexion and it lasts all day without fading or rubbing off.Β  I loves it 10/10

I still want Hoola lite though kids so get your money out and I also want the Benefit dandelion twinkle and Anastasia Modern renaissanceΒ  – not so subtle HINT


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