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My Little Box April 2017 ‘Garden’ Box – product and box review

I didn’t do a spoiler post so you can see my unboxing here:


I was not as thrilled as I usually am but it was a good box. I initially loved it but to be honest I have only used 2 of the products: the water bottle and the vitamin scrub.Β  The rest of the items are still in the box on my ‘oh look pretty boxes’ shelf.

The lip balm I am saving for the summer as I have soooooo many at the mo.Β  It has gorge packing is nice and summery – here in the NW of England it is freezing so its not quite the time for pink flamingo balms.Β  The scarf is cute but just not for me.Β  Its really good quality and I will probably send it off to the summer fair or something.

The coconut flakes – one snort and they were gone but they were OK.

The water bottle is just bloody gorgeous and goes everywhere with me – HIT!

The facial scrub ‘vitamin shot’ looks scarey when you open it as it is vivid orange and the scrubby bits look huge but it is amazing; my skin is very sensitive but this was so nice to use.Β  I am miffed we cannot purchase My Little Beauty in the UK yet as i would DEFFO repurchase this.

The MIXA lotion was a new thing for me and I have to say although the packaging is far from pretty this stuff is the best.Β  As well as being sensitive my skin is so dry but this stuff hydrates it amazingly and absorbs great so there is no waiting about to get dressed etc.Β  LOVE IT.

The box was OK, not the best but OK I would give it a 7/10


My Little Box March 2017 – Box and Product review

Now we all know I love My Little Box but I do try and remain unbiased in my reviews, so even if it’s MLB, if something is rubbish I am going to say so. This month’s theme was #nofilter and it was all about the nudes. Again we did not get a box and I am still sulking about that. However I do use the make-up bag daily and it holds loads of pretties and as it’s transparent I can easily find things without having to empty the entire thing.

1. My Little Box foundation brush: Oh this is just so cute and pink and little and lovely and just everything. There is a slight problem though. For me, it doesn’t bloody work. The brush is just too dense, it is lovely and soft and I can swirl it all over my face all day long, but the minute I try and apply foundation with it, it just takes my foundation off. I thought at first it was the foundation, then maybe I was being too heavy handed but in the end I had to face the fact that as foundation brushes go this one won’t be getting used.


It did clean well and looks cute in my brushes pot so it will stay as a nice ornament and if my daughter (who also gets MLB) likes it she can have a spare. My rating: 3/10 purely because it is pretty.
2. Phone ring: I adore this. It is really well made and is mostly rose gold. Unfortunately I have an old phone and not the fancy rose gold one but it still looks nice. I don’t use it so much with my finger but as a little phone stand as you can change the angle of the ring. My rating: 10/10

3. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – I was so happy to get this in my box as it was something I have coveted for a long, long time. I was proper giddy. As I have said in some other posts I am having issues with my skin so I am hoping that that is why I really did not get on with this primer. I was expecting miracles but all I got was a nasty texture, balling up and patchy foundation, I was so CROSS.


I am not totally writing it off as I am unhappy with everything I am using lately so it has got to be me and my stupid hormones rather than all the products. With that in mind I will revisit it once my skin is behaving: My (temporary) Rating: 3/10.
4. Beauty notepad – rubbish filler item, don’t need it, don’t want it and if I was the greatest Youtuber ever (Kimberley Clarke – check out her Anti-haul videos) I wouldn’t buy it. 1/10


5. My Little Beauty nude nail polish β€˜Toute Nude’: This is another adorable item and I love everything about it. The packaging is to die for and the little drawing on the back of the box is #totesadorbs. The colour is lovely and I will be wearing it all summer once I have a bit of colour. My rating 10/10

6. Calvin Klein – Deep Euphoria. As samples go this was one of the best, no scratch and sniff here thank you very much. We got a miniature bottle with a decent enough amount of scent in it. The fragrance is nice and I will be using it. My rating: 10/10

7. Blush Pink Heart Bubble Wrap: I know, I know, I know, this isn’t an item but packaging but it is so cute it deserves its own mention. I love it and I am keeping it and I just blinking love it. My rating 10/10


So my Little Box had a few fails this month but I still love the box and it is still my favourite. Bring on the April box, I can’t wait!

Overall rating: 7/10


You can see my unboxing here:

My Little Box – March 2017 Unboxing *Spoilers* #nofilter

The March Box is all about the #nofilter.Β  Again this month, there is no box for My Little Box.Β  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Angry Face.Β  Instead we get a really sturdy lovely make up bag BUT I WANT A BOX GODDAMMIT FOR MY PRETTY BOX SHELF, I signed up to my little BOX not my little BAG.


However the contents make up for the lack of box.

In the box:

  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – I have wanted this forever so I am well chuffed we got this decent sample size in the boxΒ  – LOVE LOVE LOVE It
  • OK this isn’t an actual item but the packaging for an item – the item below came in the most cutest bubble wrap I have ever seen, baby blush pink hearts – I am a sucker for this kind of stuff
  • ring holder for your phone – really good quality and works like a dream
  • selfie brush – for your foundation, simply gorgeous
  • beauty notepad – self explanatory
  • my little beauty – nude nail polish – yummy
  • Calvin Klein – Deep Euphoria – cutest sample in a proper mini bottle

love it 10/10

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My Little Box January 2017 unboxing *spoilers*: Fresh Start

I just love these boxes, I cannot find a thing wrong with them.

This month’s theme is Fresh Start and comes in a bag rather than the usual box.Β  The bag is really good quality and a lot bigger than the normal bag that you get in the box.

Here is what was in my bag: (more…)