BLOGMAS: 20 sleeps…..

Weather: Not snowing

Carol/Song of the day: Little Donkey

Christmas Film/TV of the day: None I am travelling to London

Christmas tip of the day: If your little ones are having trouble understanding how Father Christmas gets in your house if you don’t have a chimney, watch The Santa Clause………


I am about to set off to London town for 2 days in the big smoke.Β  This should be fantastic as I could go and see all the wonderful window displays in Harrods etc and go and see the lovely Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square but alas I am going for work so the next 48 hours will be fighting for a seat on the Tube, trying to find an office I have not been to before, looking like a tourist glued to Google Maps. Of course, I cannot forget, rubbish water that makes my hair go weird and black snot – thanks London Transport!

I have decided to omit the Barry M dazzle dust as I want to arrive looking like a sophisticated northerner – Ha! as if! I will arrive hot and sweaty and grumpier than theΒ  most grumpiest thing, I don’t do well away from home when I can’t have a brew and cig at the same time and have to go outside at 2am in PJs, a crumpled face and bedhead to alleviate my requirement for tobacco. Bah humbug!

7:32pm I have arrived. I have black snot…..

God bless us, everyone πŸ’–


BLOGMAS: 21 Sleeps…. Look Fantastic December Box 2017 *SPOILERS*

Weather: Not snowing

Carol/song of the day: Deck the halls

Christmas film/TV of the day: Vicar of Dibley – The Christmas Lunch one

Christmas tip of the day: Use white poster paint to put snow on your windows not that spray snow in a can rubbish

Look fantastic have been killing it with the box designs this year and every month they just keep getting better and better.Β  This month’s is absolutely stunning and I love it. (more…)

BLOGMAS: 22 sleeps…….

Weather: Milder but grey and damp

Carol/song of the day: hey little bull

Christmas/TV of the day: Planes, trains and automobiles

Christmas tip of the day: if you try to make Blue Bols ice lollies using Mr Frosty, they won’t freeze ❄️

It was a snuggly lazy Sunday morning for me and I didn’t want to get dressed as I was wearing the snuggliest and cosiest dressing gown and slippers. The dressing gown is from Asda Β£20 and the slippers are from Matalan Β£10 (more…)

BLOGMAS: 23 Sleeps…..

Weather: dreary and cold

Carol/song of the day: in the bleak midwinter

Christmas film/TV: Stella Christmas special

Christmas tip of the day: use flour and glitter to make Santa foot prints

Chilled day with the dogs, cleaning and watching Christmas specials on Xmas gold TV. We have had The Gruffolo, Mrs Brown’s Boys, Delia cooks Christmas, Father Ted and now Stella. the dogs are doing the usual….. nothing. (more…)

BLOGMAS: 24 sleeps…… πŸŽ…πŸ½πŸŽ„

Weather: freezing

Carol/song of the day: Away in a manger

Christmas film: Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas tip of the day: glitter in porridge oats makes fabulous reindeer food and will make your garden twinkle until June ✨


I have never done blogmas before and I am not quite sure if there are rules etc. Pffft to rules.

The only Christmassy thing I have done today is wear red lippy as I opened all the windows in my Tanya Burr advent calendar as I have 0 patience. Very nice it is too although rather gloopy and sticky.

I also threw a hissy fit as my outside lights are refusing to work – every bloody year! So amazon are bringing some more next week.

But Christmas at the house of mouse(ie) is good to go, 5 trees all looking jolly, tat all over my kitchen ~ I am a happy 🐭

Oh and here is my new Christmas gonk ~ Granville

God bless us everyone πŸ’–

“Bah!” said Scrooge, “Humbug!”

The Yankee Candle (Christmas Eve) is burning, my bank account has took a thrashing, there are lists about lists about lists and my blood pressure is off the scale…….IT MUST BE CHRISTMAS

For the record I am a Christmas fanatic.Β  I LOVE IT.Β  I do nothing but complain about it but I absolutely adore it and I drive my family bonkers. We used to have 9 Christmas trees but I have got this down to five.Β  My conservatory is a winter wonderland with the window freezes to prove it.

So what better on these cold and frosty mornings…afternoons and evenings than a good old Christmas film or TV special – here is a list of my personal favourites.

In no particular order…….

TV specials

  • Charlie Brown Christmas
  • The Raccoons Christmas Special
  • Lark Rise to Candleford
  • Grantchester
  • Mrs Brown’s Boys
  • Call the Midwife
  • Poirot – Murder on the Orient Express (not Christmas but lots of snow)
  • Gavin and Stacy
  • Father Ted
  • Only fools and Horses – all of them
  • Rugrats Christmas
  • Michael BublΓ©
  • To the Manor Born

And then the Films….

  • A Muppet Christmas Carol
  • Scrooge
  • Scrooged
  • Scrooge (again – alastair Simm)
  • Little Women (1938)
  • By the light of the silvery moon
  • Meet me in St Louis
  • The Santa Clause
  • National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
  • The Slipper and the Rose
  • The Bishop’s Wife
  • It’s a wonderful life
  • The Shop around the corner
  • Arthur Christmas
  • Elf
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Disney Very merry Christmas sing a long
  • Winnie the pooh and Christmas too
  • Beauty and the Beast – Belle’s enchanted Christmas
  • Love Actually
  • A mom for Christmas (Olivia Newton John)
  • The Christmas Gift (John Denver)


I have probably forgotten loads so will add as I remember them – but let me know if you have any recommendations



Return of the Mouse

Since my mum passed away in the summer I have had no motivation or inclination to come and update this blog.Β  My subscription boxes arrived and I could muster up a ‘meh’ – even the whole My Little Box debacle couldn’t lift me out of my fug.Β  Yes I was still make – up crazy and invested in a new ‘layout’ for my beauty studio (spare room) and went crazy time at the MAC store at Birmingham New Street Station but to actually write about it? Nah. (more…)